February 03, 2020 1 min read

Smoothies and smoothie bowls make for a great snack or meal anytime of the day. It's also a satisfying and convenient way to get vital nutrients into your body on a daily basis. 

(2-3) Frozen Bananas
(.5) cup Frozen Mangos
(.5) cup Frozen Peaches
(2) cups of Spinach
(.5) Avocado
(.25) cup Almond Milk
(1) scoop of NEONOX
(1) tbsp of Chopped Almonds
(2-3) Sliced Strawberries
(1) Sliced Kiwi
(1) tsp Chia Seed
(1) tbsp Pumpkin Seed
(1) tsp Coconut Shreds
(1) tbsp Goji Berries

Recipe by: 
@jjorbetter [IG]


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