February 21, 2020 1 min read

Who doesn't love chocolate? Here's another nutrition packed smoothie bowl that's great as a snack during the day or a way to kick off your morning with a healthy and great tasting breakfast. 

(2) Frozen Bananas
(1/2) cup Mixed Berries
(1) cup of Spinach (packed)
(1) tbsp Cacao Powder
(1) tbsp Peanut Butter
(1/2) cup Nut Milk
(1 or 2) Dates (optional for sweetness)
(1) scoop of NEOGREENS


Goji Berries
Mint Leaves
Ground Flax Seed
Cacao Nibs
Shaved Coconut

Recipe by: 
@jjorbetter [IG]


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Invite: Zoom Cook Along

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